Why Child Girl Empowerment is Killing Our Boy Child

Why Child Girl Empowerment is Killing Our Boy Child?

Have you ever thought why we are encouraging the girl empowerment in our society? Have you ever thought if only focusing on girl empowerment is affecting other aspects of the society?

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As societies and countries develop, more parents are playing active roles in their children’s lives more so, advocating for their rights. Further, major traffic has been driven towards the girl child forgetting the boy child exists. If the same was accorded to Him, the world would be a better place for both of them. Therefore, Empowering the Girl child is killing Our Boy Child as stated below.

It has been a Man’s World

An African woman had no say even to what concerned her life. Thanks to the introduction of the WesternCulture and many African societies, the voice of the girl child is loud any man would hide under the desk. Girls have been enrolled in schools hence performing better than boys even at workplaces. It has further triggered the knowledge that what a man can do, a woman can do even better.

Violence against Men

Take these two scenarios where in some African communities, numerous women have been stripped naked in broad daylight considered to have dressed skimpily. What follows is a call of mass action from Activists condoning the ugly act against them. A man is stripped naked in broad daylight also, taken down to a nearby river and bathed violently since he has not taken a bath for far too long. No one called for mass action when His rights were violated.

Affirmative Action against Men

In the workplace, a job advertisement is placed and women are encouraged to apply. Chances of men getting jobs that they have applied for are minimal compared to women. There is stiff competition in the job market and disqualifying men to apply is frustrating the job search for the boy child.

Lack of Moral and Educational Support

Girls miss school once or twice a month due to having their monthly periods. For this reason, their grades to joining universities or higher learning institutions are lowered. Thanks to the free sanitary towels given to schools nowadays, girls are kept in school but no one has any idea of the challenges boys face while growing up. They are supposedly the stronger genders who have to fight to get somewhere.

This is not a gender contest where a loser mourns while the winner takes it all. Too much attention is accorded to the girl child but no one is protecting the boy child. By Empowering the girl child, we are killing our Boy Child. He does not know what is expected of him. Offset, a girl is secluded from a boy and taught what is expected of her. As a girl becomes a woman and a mother, a boy becomes a father and a husband also. Without good guidance and protection, we are raising very insecure and low self-esteemed members of our society. We need to take care of our boys so that they can grow up to be brave and responsible adults who can further provide security for their future families.


Girl Empowerment

is good to have in the society but we must think if it’s affecting any others life or not.

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