How to Use Instagram As A Strategic Weapon For Content Promotion

Content promotion strategy is a big game in social media marketing these days.

Content Promotion in online marketing largely defines the promotion of brands and products these days. This new-age marketing has left traditional advertising far behind, and as a marketer, it is your duty to keep up with all the information about brand or content promotion on social media channels.

One such channel is Instagram. With over 800 million users, this photo app has surpassed Facebook and Pinterest in terms of popularity. This also makes it the largest online platform for advertising and promotion. If you are a business owner, chances are that you are active on Instagram. If you want your business to grow, your sales to boost and your engagement to rise, you need to understand that the first and most important step to accelerate the above three aims is to focus on the content that you are generating.

What really is Content Promotion?

Content promotion is basically, reaching the right audience at the right time. To achieve this goal, it is important that you plan a strategy and stick to it for a few weeks to see the desired results. If your content does well, chances are that your engagement, following and sales will naturally come to your handle. Everyone has their own way of planning and presenting their content on Instagram but there are a few tips and strategic weapons that might help in promoting your content on the app.

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Let’s learn about some sure-shot strategies and weapon to conquer content promotion on Instagram.

1. Know your audience

The first and foremost step should be connecting with your audience. This way you will know exactly what kind and amount of content you will have to create, and then, promote. Better the connection with your audience, more they will be loyal to you and your content. Try to understand them through emotions, notice what kind of content they are connecting with the most and then, post accordingly. Content is king but without an interested audience, the king cannot win. Try to create a story through your products—this strategy works almost every time.


2. Have a theme

When you start posting content on your handle, experiment with it. Nothing works like a good, creative content-driven handle on Instagram. Keep your theme fresh and your content attractive. Post high quality pictures and add interesting, original captions to them. Choose your color wisely too, and try to change your theme every once in a while. To get an idea, visit the handles related to your product, who have acquired a good following. Mostly, their theme gets them a good number of followers.


3. Connect with social media influencers

Your handle gets a good boost if you let a social media influencer take charge of it, or give you a shout out on their respective pages to get your product noticed. Social media influencers generally have a large and loyal following. That makes it easier for your content to be seen by the potential audience. You definitely will notice a dramatic increase in your followers after the influencer takes charge of your handle. Also do not worry, you don’t have to hire big celebrities or movie stars to promote your content, there are numerous micro influencers with loyal followers. All you have to do is research well to find the ones that suit your content the most.


4. Instagram stories

The most underrated feature for promoting content and driving traffic to your website is Instagram story. Most people don’t know this but IG story plays a significant role in promoting content and increasing engagement. Use features such as GIFs, graphics, polls, photos and videos to create a content-driven story. The more you add to your stories, the more there are chances of getting a good engagement. Add newsletters, video teasers, and links to new updates in your stories to engage with people.


5. Put videos about your product

Instagram loves video content, but don’t focus on it just for the sake of that. Have a purpose related with your brand. Bring your audience as much closer to your content, as it is possible. Show the users how to use your product in daily life and how it is useful for them via video content. You can even ask them to make a video related to your product, and the feature them on your handle. Everybody loves to get noticed, remember! Showing users how to use the product in real life works like a charm, just remember being creative in your approach.


6. Hashtags

It doesn’t matter if it’s content promotion or product engagement; Instagram’s hashtags are the main game in content promotions. The first step toward driving traffic on your handle is via hashtags. Now, that doesn’t mean that you have to stuff your content with numerous hash tags. It’s been noticed many times by experts, that as less as nine hashtags per IG post drives better traffic and attracts more likes than 20 or more. Add hashtags that are usually searched by people on Instagram. Don’t just focus on the hash tags that are related with your content.


7. Post daily, post at a peak time and post with a creative approach

There is no magic trick behind having a good Instagram following, or getting thousands of likes on your content. You just have one goal—beat Instagram’s algorithm. To do that, you need to have an exact vision of what you have to do with your content on your feed. Be as creative and original with your content as possible. Instagram loves fresh and clean feeds. Know the best time to post your content online. Also, understand that posting daily content will get you far ahead of your competitors!

Now that you know these simple but effective strategies to use for content promotion on Instagram, what are you waiting for? Start that business, create that product and generate content on Instagram to promote your brand—life is too short to not work toward what you really want! So, get going and work to promote your content on Instagram.


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