Mount Everest of Nepal completely trashed by tourists


What comes into you mind when you hear that the Mount Everest of Nepal has been completely trashed by tourists? Yeah, its true. The Mount Everest is not the same as you used to know. It is not filled with the white glowing snow as we can see. The truth behind it is very horrible.

Mount Everest of Nepal -

Mount Everest, the pride of Nepal, is known as the highest peak of the world. It has the height of 8,840 meters (29,002 feet) as measured in 1856 by Sir George Everest. Mount Everest is the main source of income as large number of domestic as well as the international tourists come to visit and climb it every year. It seems like Nepal is gaining many tourists from its natural beauty and the Mount Everest. But it is not exactly what it looks like.


Increasing in the number of tourists is gradually decreasing is beauty of The Mount Everest. It was the pride of the climber to reach the top of the Everest. It was the most important achievement for him. But now today. Climbing the Everest became like to climb any ordinary mountain. Budget tourist companies are helping 100,000 amateurs climb the Everest every year. People use modern equipment to climb it which made it very easy for them but not for the Everest. Most of the stuffs the climber take, he dumps them in the Everest itself. Every year the mountain accumulates about 50 new tons of trash. This is SHAMEFUL.


Is that all causing the beauty of The Mount Everest of Nepal decrease??

Not only the physical waste, The Mount Everest of Nepal is also covered with tons of human wastes. Every year tourists climbing the Everest leave behind almost 26,000 pounds of pee and poops. Since it takes longer time for them to disintegrate at that high altitude, the majestic mountain is now covered in our poops. So much human wastes has built up over the year, the yaks in the local villages often gets stuck in the ponds of poops. The water resources in the villages are also getting polluted.


The Everest is also covered in dead bodies. Every year many climbers and the Sherpas died while climbing the summit. The world’s tallest summit is steadily becoming the world’s tallest frozen cemetery. 100s of people have died. For every 10 successful summits, there is one dead body. And since the temperature is so frigid, they will never decompose. Climbers actually use the dead bodies to navigate.


The Everest is not only dangerous for the climbers or the tourists. The Sherpas are the one taking the real risks. mapping out routes and securing the ropes, all while taking care of the amateur climbers. Its one of the deadliest of on the planet. A third of the people who died in the Everest are Sherpas.


What has not the Government of Nepal limiting the people who can climb??

The can not afford to. Nepal is a very low-income Nation and the Everest tourism is the major industry.


We know you its your dream to climb that majestic summit. But the impact that you and the others have when you indulge in that dream is turning Everest into Poop-covered Trash Coffin.  Try to understand its importance and leave a mark of a good civilian. The use of the latest IT technologies is handy to make it spread and save the majestic summit.


Embrace the beauty not to trash it.


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